Cleaning Vinyl Wrapped Cars

Cleaning vinyl wrapped cars requires a specific and dedicated approach to maintain the wrap and look of the car. Here at Slick Mobile Detail Services, we are experts in cleaning vinyl wrapped cars! We recommend scheduling a wash and detail with us to care for your vinyl wrapped car, you can do so here. However, … Read more

Detailing Dealership Vehicles

Detailing dealership vehicles is important to the sale of the vehicle. Keeping the fleet of vehicles on a dealership lot in pristine condition is a task required to selling vehicles. The cleaner your vehicles are, the more likely customers are to be interested in purchasing them. This directly plays into your overall quality of your … Read more

Wash Your Car Like A Pro

It feels better to drive a beautifully cleaned up rig! The benefits of a car wash extend far beyond aesthetics. Washing off grime helps to prevent rust, preserving the integrity of your vehicle’s body and suspension. Similarly, a thorough washing of gunk from the windshield, hood, and undercarriage can prevent clogged components in your engine … Read more

Commercial Vehicle Washing

Commercial vehicle washing is very important to running a successful business of fleet vehicles. The condition and the look of the vehicles representing your business is as important as the cleanliness of your office and the organization and management of your business. When people see dirty vehicles they associate this with a not well run … Read more