Glass Repair and Replacement Services

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Glass Repair and Replacement Services

Slick Mobile Detail also specializes in auto glass repairs and replacements. Whether you’ve experienced a gravel rock chip or your windshield was smashed in an unfortunate accident, we are able to restore your vehicle to its original appearance. It is always a good idea to tackle glass issues as soon as they arise. Smaller damages can often expand into larger, more expensive problems. Our team understands this importance, and is ready to tackle auto glass projects on an immediate basis.

For chipped glass, we apply a premium filler into the imperfection and polish it down to match the depth of your glass, leaving a smooth surface behind. For entire window, windshield, and mirror repairs, we source our auto glass from premium regional dealers. When attaching the replacement glass, we take special care to ensure a proper seal that is up to original specifications.

With every service we at Slick Mobile Detail provide, we guarantee to restore your vehicle to factory-fresh condition. This standard applies equally to our windshield repairs and replacements.

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