When Should I Wax My Car Billings

wax car Billings MontanaWax on your car is important to keep the paint protected and the shine lasting for the lifetime of the vehicle. Waxing lasts between 1 to 3 months and the sealant on top of the wax can last between 6 to 12 months. So it’s a good idea to wax at the end of your last treatments lifespan.

If there’s lapses in time between waxes, this can lead to a time when the paint is not protected and can cause unwanted issues such as rust, scratches, and other unwanted complications. Here at Slick Mobile Detailing Services, we provide the best waxing services in Billings, Montana and surrounding areas. If you’d like to learn more about how we wax cars or get your car in for a wax, call us at (406) 500-6181 or fill out the contact form located here.

Does my car need wax?

One way to think about it is if you can’t remember the last time that the car had a wax done, it’s probably time to get it waxed! A way to check whether the car has proper wax is to do a water drop test. Drop water on your car and observe how tight the water drops stay together. If the water expands out and doesn’t stay together, that means there’s not very much wax on the car. Waxing helps repel water and will keep the water droplets close together so they run off the vehicle and don’t spread out.

Another way to test is to run your hand along the surface of the vehicle. If it feels smooth and there’s also somewhat of a sticky grip, then you may not need to wax your car. The second test isn’t the most effective especially when your car isn’t cleaned just arouse a feeling that you may be running your handling it.

The Best Wax in Billings, Montana.

Slick Mobile Detail Services waxOf course, you can always call us to find out whether your car is in good condition or not and whether it needs to be waxed now. Slick Mobile Detailing Services is one of the best waxing companies in the Billings, Montana area and can protect your vehicle for the long haul.

We have regular services where we can get you into the shop on a consistent basis to make sure the car is properly cleaned, detailed, waxed and always taken care of. Let your car the best it can be and make you proud on the road!