What is Ceramic Coating for Cars?

Ceramic Coating for Cars BillingsCeramic coating for cars is a liquid polymer that is applied by hand to the surface of the vehicle and chemically bonds to the paint to provide a layer of protection and increase shine. Ceramic coating is different than traditional waxes or sealants in that it lasts permanently.

Ceramic coating doesn’t have to be applied every few months, and it also offers much better production than wax or sealant in that rocks and other debris will not scratch the surface as easily.

What are the benefits of having ceramic coating for cars?

Ceramic coating keeps a vehicle cleaner longer so that you don’t have to wash it as often. It does this through a molecular netting that repels dirt, grime and bugs off of the coat of the vehicle so that there’s not as much stuck to it and therefore you don’t have to wash the vehicle as often. This is really great for owners who don’t feel like washing as often but want a clean car!

It makes the vehicle easier to wash as well because the dirt and grime slide off, similar to how Teflon coating on a frying pan makes frying eggs so much easier compared to a pan that is not nonstick. Ceramic coating also prevents UV damage from sun and oxidization that can occur over time as UV rays will break down the paint. Ceramic coating reflects a majority of sun rays, so they don’t actually damage the paint surface.

It also increases the glossiness or the shine of the paint, which can make the vehicle look so much more attractive. All of these are great reasons to install ceramic coatings on your vehicle. If you’re looking for the expert in ceramic coating for cars in the Billings, Montana area, look no further than Slick Mobile Detailing Services. We are experts in applying ceramic coatings to vehicles and have done tons of different vehicles.

To get on our schedule for ceramic coating on your vehicle, fill out the contact form located here, or call us at (406) 500-6181 and we will get you in the schedule as soon as possible. Let’s protect that vehicle investment and make it shine for many years to come!

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