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Vinyl tent cleaning Billings, Montana.Vinyl tent cleaning can be necessary with commercial vending tents that are displayed at festivals, fairs and street venues across town. These vinyl tents are quite expensive and have a specific material that can be eroded with the wrong chemicals.

Here at Slick Mobile Detail Services, we specialize in cleaning vinyl tents to ensure that they look brand new and that your customers will not be off-put by a dirty tent. It’s especially important with food vending tents or drink vending tents that they be cleaned regularly. The process of cooking inside the tent can cause fumes to build up on the side of the vinyl which will require cleaning regularly.

We offer professional vinyl tent cleaning services on a one-off basis or on a scheduled basis where we clean the tent every month or twice a month or however often that you need it to be done. Our goal is to ensure that your business looks the very best possible!

Additionally, we want to protect the investment that you put into your business tent. Every time the tent is packed away and re-put back up, it can be a good time to detail and clean the outside material. We use specific cleaners that are not going to harm the vinyl of your tent, and will protect and shine the tent for many years to come!

At Slick Mobile Detail Services, we have served hundreds of customers who have been satisfied and left a five-star review for us online. We are available to book and get your vinyl tent in and cleaned for your business so that you can get set up for the next event and ready to go for customers.

To schedule your tent cleaning, fill out the contact form located here or call us at (406) 500-6181 and we will get you in as soon as possible!

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