Tesla Detailing

Tesla detailing BillingsTesla detailing is something we do here at Slick Mobile Detailing Services. Teslas are an advanced car that has many electronics and materials that are unique to it specifically. We know how to detail a Tesla properly and make sure that the screens are cleaned without scratching the surface. The seats require a specific cleaning and we make sure that the materials and everything is going to last a lifetime of the vehicle. A Tesla is not the type of thing that could be easily replaced.

Teslas can range from $45,190 all the way up to $160,000 for the Model X Plaid and that’s quite an expensive car. We don’t want any damage to happen to it. Slick Mobile Detailing Services is an expert in detailing and will go over every single surface and material in your vehicle and make sure that it is cleaned, polished, sealed, and renewed so that it will last for many years to come.

Tesla detailing Billings MTWe can also seal the outside of the paint after we wax it so that rock chips and other debris do not scratch the surface. Repainting a Tesla can be very expensive and not something that you want to do if you can avoid it. You may additionally want to coat the under body of your Tesla with a rust coating which can prevent any type of issues such as rock chips that can lead to rusting, which can happen on Montana‘s dirt roads.

When it comes to protecting every single part and surface of your Tesla, look no further than the Tesla detailing we offer at Slick Mobile Detailing Services. To get your Tesla in and scheduled for a detailing, fill out the contact form located here or call us at (406) 500-6181 and we will get you on the schedule.

We look forward to rocking your Tesla to make it look as good as possible!

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