Stain Removal

stain removal detailing service BillingsStain removal is a service that we all unfortunately need from time to time. Especially when we have kids!

Stains can occur in a vehicle when a whole bottle of pop spills; a bottle of wine breaks open on accident; the egg cartons spills eggs and they crack, dropping all over the floor; someone steps in paint and steps in the car; you get the idea!

So how do we get these stains out of our vehicle? Well, you can rely on the experts at Slick Mobile Detailing Services to use the very best professional stain removal products and tools available on the market today. We use a process of hot water extraction along with a pre-conditioning compound and a cleaning compound to remove any of the stains.

We also can treat the material with a protectant so that is less likely to stain in the future. If your rug of your vehicle is a light tan, it can be particularly bad to get colored stains such as wine or Kool-Aid on them. We are really good at removing these stains and can return the carpet material back to its original color.

There’s nothing worse than having stains on your vehicle! It lowers the overall value and is quite unsightly when getting in and out. To schedule our professional stain removal services, fill out the contact form located here, or call us at (406) 500-6181 will be glad to get you on our schedule!

We’ve been removing stains from vehicles on customers for many years now and we have tons of happy customers who have left us five-star reviews online. We are one of the top reviewed detailing service companies in the Billings Montana area.

You can rely on Slick Mobile Detailing Services for not only stain removal but for detailing services that will get your vehicle looking as good or even better than the day that you got it! Let’s get started rocking your vehicle detailing today!

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