Spray Paint Removal

Spray paint removal can be a very difficult task when paint overspray hits a car. It’s almost impossible to remove it once it dries without proper application of products and technique.

Here at Slick Mobile Detail Service, we are experts in spray paint removal. We’ve done many vehicles that had the unfortunate position of being near a new construction site or place where someone was spray painting, and received overspray of paint on the surface of the vehicle.

We use professional products to remove the issue so that the vehicle looks new and like it never got hit by the spray paint. If spray paint overspray is not prepared properly and treated properly, removing paint can cause scratches and damage to the finish.

This damage can cost thousands of dollars to fix and is unnecessary when you can hire us to remove the paint successfully without having to repaint the whole vehicle. We just finished removing paint off of a Ford Explorer 4WD and you can see the before and after photos down below:

This vehicle was located in Billings, Montana near a construction site and they were painting on a somewhat windy day, which caused the paint to fly onto the surface of this vehicle. Because we are experts in spray paint removal, we were able to get this SUV looking like it did when it first rolled off the lot.

If you need professional spray paint removal in the Billings, Montana or surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to reach out to Slick Mobile Detailing Service and we will get you handled as soon as possible! If you’re interested in finding out more about our detailing services, please fill out the form located here.

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