Paint Protection

Paint protection matters for protecting a vehicle from the dullness that can occur from the elements. If you’re noticing that your vehicle is looking a little dull, it may be time to bring back the shine!

Our ceramic coating paint protection film packages help to restore your vehicles original beauty and remove any oxidation and scratches that can occur on a vehicle. We use the highest quality paint protection ceramic coating products available on the market today.

We install our paint protection films with the highest level professional skills, and make sure that every single panel and piece of your vehicle is protected properly and will withstand the elements for the lifetime of the vehicle.

In addition to paint protection, Slick Mobile Detail offers paint correction services as well. Sometimes it’s necessary to correct the paint when there are deep scratches in the surface that will only show through on a ceramic coating and need to be addressed first. Paint correction is a process that restores the luster of the paint by removing the imperfections.

It can remove scratches, swirl marks, water spots, and other damage to a vehicles paint job. Paint correction can make a significant difference in the way your vehicle paint coat show and how it reflects in the sun. If you’re looking for paint correction services in Billings, Montana look no further than Slick Mobile Detail Services!

Call us today to get your vehicle scheduled in for the best vehicle protection services in Billings, Montana.

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