Detailing Horse Trailers

Detailing Horse Trailers Billings, MTDetailing horse trailers is a service that you may not realize we offer here at Slick Mobile Detailing Services. Here in Montana, we have a lot of horses and therefore a lot of horse trailers. Horse trailers are a big investment and the metal can be polished to make it look like it did the day it was first purchased.

The steel and aluminum surfaces on horse trailers can dull from the elements, such as salt and oxidization that can accumulate from Montana’s roads. In order to get this off, you need a proper type of cleaning agent and process to make sure that you don’t scratch the surface.

The diamond plate metal on the front of horse trailers also requires a special approach to cleaning and polishing to ensure that it does not scratch and looks its very best. Roofing on a horse trailer can be fiberglass or wood and will require a different type of cleaning product to protect and return the original shine.

Here at Slick Mobile Detailing Service, we are experts in detailing horse trailers. We use the proper cleaning products as well as the proper techniques and tools to ensure that the surface contaminants are removed first then a protectant layer is applied and polished to a high brilliant shine.

Have a horse show coming up?

Make sure that you’re looking your best with a detail on your horse trailer by Slick Mobile Detailing Services! We can get you in and on your way quickly and with an affordable rate. We are one of the top detailing companies in Billings, Montana.

We specialize in many different vehicles, including horse trailers and bull trailers. To schedule your horse trailer detailing, fill out our contact form located here or call us at (406) 500-6181 and we will be glad to get you in as soon as possible!

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