Cleaning Leather Seats

Cleaning Leather Seats Billings, Montana.Cleaning leather seats is a part of detailing that requires a specific technique and product to achieve proper results. Here at Slick Mobile Detail Services, we specialize in cleaning and restoring leather to its original shine and protecting it for the lifetime of the vehicle.

Leather and the new pleather, which is a plastic version of leather, require treatments with special products and processes to make sure the leather is clean and protected from sun and damages from the elements.

If you get a stain on your leather, it’s important to have it clean properly. Improper cleaning can ruin leather and even make the situation worse than the stain in the first place. Using a professional such as Slick Mobile Detail Services is a good idea, we can remove it properly.

We will use tools such as a microfiber cloth and saddle soap to ensure that the stains are removed properly. Then we will seal the leather with an overcoat treatment that protects it from the elements. This will make sure that the shine, resilience and buttery softness of the leather remains intact for the remainder of the vehicle life.

Cleaning leather seats is an important treatment that will make your vehicle stand out and protect it from the elements so that you can enjoy it for many years to come.

Are you looking for cleaning leather seats here in Billings, Montana? We will be glad to assist you! Slick Mobile Detail Services can come to your location and do a full detail of your vehicle or you can bring your vehicle to our shop where we can detail it as well.

We offer a pick up and drop off service and we can service the whole Billings area and surrounding areas as well. Call today to get scheduled, we are available and ready to work on your vehicle to get it shining in perfect condition!

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