Ceramic Coatings

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Ceramic coatings Billings MontanaCeramic coatings are the premium option for ensuring a shine on your vehicle’s exterior. Wax can offer an especially attractive shine, but its organic matter will eventually denature in the elements, losing its luster in a matter of months. Sealants can last for nearly a year, but never provide the same attractive sheen as a nice coat of wax. Ceramic coatings, however, offer a higher-quality shine than wax while also lasting for several years after their application.

Always applied by hand, this silica-based liquid polymer will protect and enhance the original coat of paint on your vehicle. Not only do ceramic coatings add a beautiful sheen to your vehicle, the hydrophobic surface they create will repel water and muck from your car. This repellant surface even allows for a far smoother clean during future washes. Most importantly, when maintained properly, a ceramic coating of the type we apply can last for over two years. This durability makes ceramic coatings a highly cost-effective option for the long-term.

Slick Mobile Detail offers the highest quality ceramic coating in Billings, MT. Our professionals will take care to remove any extant stains on your vehicle, ensuring a highly polished surface prior to applying the ceramic coating. We take special care to leave zero streaks or imperfections in the paint beneath your coating, helping to maximize your investment in your vehicle’s aesthetic.