Car Wash VS. Detailing Service

Taking care of your car is important, because the car will ultimately take care of you if you take care of it! When it comes to the difference between a car wash and a car detailing service, there are some dramatic differences to consider.

With a car wash what you’re basically doing is removing any dirt and grime from the car with automatic brushes and soap being sprayed on the car. This gets some of the major areas, but misses a lot of the details spots. With detailing you get every single part cleaned and washed but you also get improvement in the quality of the finish and surfaces of the vehicle.

There’s a major difference in the quality of the life of the vehicle and the overall look of the vehicle with auto detailing. When you get done with detailing, you can tell that the vehicle is close to as new when it rolled off the factory floor, and sometimes even better looking than that.

That’s what’s so awesome about quality detailing services like what we offer at Slick Mobile Detailing Services. Sure you can get a car wash done for cheap, around 20 bucks, but what you’re not realizing is that those brushes are often times taking off mud and dirt and rocks all day long and that same stuff can grind on your surface when the brushes automatically rotate on your car.

This leaves little scratches all over the surface which overtime can start to break down and wear the surface of the paint and the protection on it. On the other hand when you’re doing a detail service like what we offer, we are not only cleaning off the dirt in a very protective way, but we’re also going back over and protecting it with the proper waxes and finishes to secure and lock in the finish of the paint so it will look good for a long time, many years to come.

Car detailing actually improves the quality and the value of your car and helps you protect it so that when you go to sell it, the resale value is actually higher. That’s why we highly recommend getting on a regular maintenance schedule with us.

We can come through and detail your car on a regular basis and we offer incentives to do so. If you’d like to schedule detailing services with Slick Mobile Detailing Services, please call (406) 500-6181 or fill out the contact form located here and we’ll get you on the schedule and on your way as soon as possible!

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  1. When you said that when you perform a detailed service like the one we provide, we not only remove the dirt in a very protective way, but we also go back and protect it with the appropriate waxes and finishes to secure and lock in the finish of the paint so it will look good for a long time, many years to come, I found that to be particularly interesting. My sister recently had an accident while parking her vehicle in a supermarket’s basement. I’ll advise her to have her car’s paint corrected so she can feel at ease knowing it looks good once again.

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