Car Wash Risks of an Unprofessional

Contrary to many impressions, there are particular, proper wash techniques to incorporate when washing your vehicle.

To illustrate the importance of a professional car wash, allow us to explain some examples of improper washing that we at Slick Mobile Detail have seen from folks in the past.

One customer came to us with a hood full of scrapes and abrasions. The paint job on this white sedan was effectively ruined! As it turns out, they had long been parked under a ponderosa pine. Wood debris and sap had collected on their hood, almost creating a layer of sandpaper when they went to scrub their car down by hand. Unfortunately, they did not know the proper wash techniques for removing abrasive grime. Quality cleaning products, professional grade equipment, and a regular washing appointment with a detailing service could’ve averted this disaster.

In another instance, we serviced a fresh waxed minivan that hardly seemed in need of a detail. That is until we inspected under the vehicle… Their suspension was starting to rust beyond repair. Over years of washing, they had never once taken to clean the undercarriage of their van. With a quality pressure washer and the right methods, this customer could have sustained their rig for the long haul.

It feels better to drive a beautifully cleaned up rig!

The benefits of a car wash extend far beyond aesthetics. Washing off grime helps to prevent rust, preserving the integrity of your vehicle’s body and suspension. Similarly, a thorough washing of gunk from the windshield, hood, and undercarriage can prevent clogged components in your engine and transmission.
With all that in mind, you’ve wisely decided to wash down your personal or commercial vehicle. How hard can it be to get the job done? It’s just lathering on the soap and water… right?

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