Car Hauler Washing

Car hauler washing is a service we offer here at Slick Mobile Detailing Services to get the trailer in good condition after a long haul. Every single car hauler that brings vehicles here into town and out of town collects tons of mud, dust, dirt and debris while its traveling down the highway.

It’s just part of the deal!

The farther you’re hauling the vehicles, the more likely the trailer is going to get covered in muck and gunk. Washing a car hauler is a big task and rather challenging to find a place where you can get it washed properly.

Are you on a tight schedule?

I’m sure your business would love to just get right back on the road continue to haul cars. The longer you’re down washing the trailer or showing up with the dirty trailer, the worse it is for your business. Rather than try to clean your own trailer, why not rely on the professionals at Slick Mobile Detail Services to do the car hauler washing for you.

We use professional spray guns and environmentally friendly cleaning products that can get the trailer in and washed in record times to get you back on the road and doing what you do best. If care is not taken to clean the trailer paint and finish properly, they can get scratched. Re-painting a trailer is very expensive compared to simply maintaining the surfaces in a professional manner.

If you’d like to schedule our car hauler washing service here in the Billings, Montana or local area, fill out the contact form located here, or call us at (406) 500-6181 and we will get you in on a schedule as soon as possible!

The better your trailer looks, the better the business is represented and the more business booked, we truly believe that!

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